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Welcome to Multivid

We are one of the UK's leading international solutions provider of digital 2K and 4K Multiscreen Video Capture, Broadcasting and Streaming Solutions. We provide a plethora of Multiscreen Video Capture cards for innovative video capture for Lecture presentations, Video Conferencing, Game Broadcasting, Live Streaming of Sports, Videowall Display, Medical Imaging and Remote Medical applications.  Supplying video capture cards and USB 3.0 devices that combine HD sources including 3G-SDI, HD-SDI, VGA or Multi Channel SD A/V inputs. All our cards have the capability of Multi-Card support e.g. any mix of cards can be installed within a single PC.We continuously strive to be the number one choice for high quality Digital Multiscreen Video Capture, Broadcasting and Streaming Solutions, worldwide.

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Our aim

 Our aim is to be the number choice for all digital video capture solutions worldwide.