How to Connect your Magewell USB device to a type C connector

How to Connect your Magewell USB device to a type C connector

With USB Type C small interface more modern laptops and the latest tablets are now being supplied with only USB Type C interfaces.
Connecting a Magewell USB device to a USB Type C connector couldn't be easier, you just have to follow a few simple rules.


Because USB Capture and USB Capture Plus devices use Type A interface, they can’t be directly connected to device that only come with a USB Type C interface.

The only rules you need to follow are:
1. ALWAYS use a high-quality USB Type A- Type converter.

And 2.

Use the ORIGIONAL USB Type A cable that came with your Magewell capture device.
 Connect the cable to the capture device and the converter.
Plug the connector into the Type C socket on the computer. See the picture on the left.

Thats it. Your done connecting your Magewell unit to your laptop or tablet device and its ready to use to capture from your desired source.

Please note. A standard USB Type A to Type C converter cable, shown in the image below cannot be used.
This is because the included USB cable is specially customized and can’t be replaced by the common ones on the market.
If a cable other than the original one is used, it might lead to capture problem or even damage the capture device. 

When connected via USB Type C, the capture device will still transfer data at USB 3.0 speed.