How to capture from games consoles at 2560x1440p144 without depleting your CPU resources.

How to capture from games consoles at 2560x1440p144 without depleting your CPU resources.

Are you tired of streaming gaming videos and never having enough CPU resources to do anything else? Or maybe you’re tired of being restricted to only streaming one video at a time when you could be focusing your attention on editing the next video whilst the current video is streaming. Also, when it comes to problems streaming high resolution videos at 4K, a lot of people think that this is due to CPU constraints, or constraints with graphics cards, internet bandwidth, and very often we are quick to spend thousands of dollars/pounds to upgrade computer hardware, internet bandwidth, etc.

Rather than simply upgrading hardware or internet bandwidth, which can take a lot of time and money, we at Multivid have been researching new alternative solutions to avoid this common problem of hardware/software depreciation. During our many years of research, the problem we have been faced with is, computer systems will always depreciate as we continue to improve technology, upgradeability, and consumer usability. However we at Multivid have found cost-effective solutions to avoid having to continuously spend money upgrading your PC hardware to keep up with your video streaming requirements.


For example, with the USB capture HDMI 4K Plus, you can capture video at 2560x1440p144 from games consoles, simply by following the steps below:


Step1: Please ensure that the computer graphics card can simultaneously output at least two HDMI signals.


Step 2: Connect the USB Capture HDMI 4K Plus device with the streaming/recording computer and make sure the device works.

Step 3: Connect the output of the graphics card to the USB Capture HDMI 4K Plus and monitor respectively.

Step 4: Open the control panel of the graphics card.

Step 5: Set the refresh rate at 144 and the resolution at 2560x1440.

Step 6: The Display mode of the two screens should be set to “Duplicate” Hot key: Win+P.

Step 7. Run Directshow, click “Devices” and select the USB Capture HDMI 4K+

Step 8. Now the device can capture properly.

Why not connect several 4K+ capture devices at the same time and capture from multiple video sources, simultaneously for streaming or broadcasting. 


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